Friday, November 21, 2014




Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Our last in-between began early and rainy. We sat inside most of the morning trying to think of something active to do for the day. Ralph and Matt had been wanting to fish for quite some time so we decided on that. We set sail around noon, on our way we stopped at the local fly fishing shop and looked around for only a little while. We then headed to a place off the paved road called "Rainbow Trout Farm". Our goal was to come home with some dinner, and thats exactly what we did. The fishing was out of this world, way too easy. It took me but a few minutes to catch a 20 inch rainbow trout with nothing but a net.. So this wasnt nearly the fishing experience we were looking for, but it was most definitely a the different experience which we were totally okay with.

Note: these pictures do not make us good fisherman

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Oregon Coast //

     With our days off this week we decided to go down to the coast of Oregon which is about 3 hours from Govy. The time we shared was amusing. we arrived there about 4 o'clock in the afternoon after the long haul. This hidden camping spot we knew of was absolutely incredible, one of the most pleasant places i've ever been. We camped on what was practically a 300 ft cliff over looking the pacific ocean. Although it rained that night, we had great time.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

~ PINUPS // Mt Hood, Oregon ~

So, i arrived at Mt Hood, Oregon on May 18th along with Dave Massie, Matt Bothfeld, Colby Sears, and the devil himself, Pat Morgan Right after this years superpark session. We got alot of riding in at Timberline in between work days and heavy drinking.  Our first two days on hill were lower in the spring park setup, it was a great time. After those couple of days the spring pass ended and we found ourselves in a newly built park which included a halfpipe, a nice jumpline, and ended with a rail park of about 8 different features. We've been filming and shooting alot of photots lately so hopefully we will be able to make a short edit sometime in the near future. Camp is starting up this week so for whoever is reading this take my advice and get out here, it will be the time of your life! Expect a 50's styled summer here at the Demo Center, or some spicy Jambalaya made specially by your southern sweetheart.

Brandon Sorel ~ Dylan Chrismer
~ Dylan Chrismer ~

~ Brandon Sorel ~
~ Dylan Chrismer ~

~ Dylan Chrismer ~ Brandon Sorel ~

~ Matt Bothfeld ~ Dave Massie ~ Dylan Chrismer

All Photos : @bistros_bistro